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PPE Fabric for Melting Tasks

Oct. 10, 2011
Molten metal splash and radiant-heat protection with aluminized fabrics
Dickson PTL’s Reflespace series laminated fabric can be used to produce protective coats, gloves, aprons, and boot covers, etc.

DICKSON PTL’s Reflespace series of metallized fabrics is specially designed for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for high-risk operations and extreme exposure to radiant heat. It’s used to fabricate protective coats, gloves, aprons, and boot covers, etc., for use by melting personnel in metalcasting operations.

The Reflespace technology is a unique aluminization process that offers the best molten metal splash protection now available, according to the developer.

Reflespace technology advantages include excellent performance in response to ferrous and nonferrous molten metal splashing, and an outstanding mechanical resistance to abrasion, creasing, and delamination — contributing to a longer service life for the material and the apparel. The fabric will not melt in contact with flames, heat or molten metals. The Cleangard lacquer protects and enhances its aluminum reflectance efficiency. The fabric’s width is “100% usable and ideal for fabrication,” according to the developer. It adds that the Reflespace fabrics are odorless, comfortable, and supple.

The French company is globally recognized and has more than 60 years of experience at developing coating and lamination technologies, and at manufacturing technically advanced textiles.