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New Products: Ceramic FIlters for Molten Metal

May 21, 2006
on-line moisture analyzer for coke, and more

Ceramic FIlters for Molten Metal

ASHLAND CASTING SOLUTIONS has introduced a series of extruded ceramic filters for liquid-metal filtration in metalcasting operations. EXACTFLOTM cellular ceramic filters are offered in various sizes and cell configurations "to meet or exceed demanding performance standards," ACS states. The alumina/silica ceramic filters are intended for inclusion removal and flow control in gray and ductile iron, aluminum, and other nonferrous alloys, and withstand pouring temperatures up to 2,650°F. EXACTFLO ceramic filters are available from 37-81 mm2, and with square or delta (triangular) cells ranging in size from 100 to 300 cells per square inch (CSI). They can be placed vertically or horizontally within the mold's gating system.

On-Line Moisture Analyzer for Coke

THERMO ELECTRON’s MOLA Model 7200A is a state-of-the-art moisture on-line analyzer. It is accurate, reliable, and durable for measuring the moisture in coke. It uses neutron backscatter pulse-mode ion technology to measure the concentration of hydrogen material in a process vessel non-intrusively. Based on the amount of hydrogen present, it can determine the moisture content in the coke.

Air Service System

REXROTH’s new Series AS3 FRLs are an air -service system with modular construction, with filters, regulators, lubricators, and accessory devices such as shut-off valves and distribution blocks. The AS series features a smooth, easy-to-clean surface and along with its construction of advanced polymers, it weighs very little. The patented oil-filling system permits semi-automatic filling of the lubricator unit. Multiple filter options (from 0.3 to 0.01 microns), drain valves, and a variety of mounting options are available.

High- Alumina Crucibles

MAGNECO/METREL’s new line of high alumina Sol-Gel bonded crucibles come in custom sizes and shapes, produced with the company’s patented Metpump family of cement-free nanoparticulate refractory products. High hot-strength and excellent thermal-shock resistance, the crucibles may be ordered to the customer’s exact specifications.

Rubber-Like Rapid Prototyping Material

REDEYE RPM’s new FullCure Tango line is a photo-polymer modeling material with rubber-like properties that offers customers pliable prototypes or end products in two durometeres, broadening the spectrum of mechanical properties available. Because of its properties, it stretches to mate with other components. TangoBlack offers maximum elasticity with a hardness of 61 Shore A. TangoGray is slightly harder, but with a hardness of 75 Shore A for more control.

Multi-Layered Filter Bags for Extended Service

EATON’s PROGAF Filter Bags offer an alternative to expensive filters and other benefits, such as lower initial cost and easier disposal. The filter bags combine extended service life with extreme filtration efficiency ratings up to 98.98%. The unique, multi-layered construction provides a progressive filtration mechanism that traps unwanted particles throughout the depth of the media. Its 100% polypropylene construction is clean, chemically-resistant, and silcone-free. With all-welded construction, it has no sewn seams to permit bypass.

Fire Protection Valve

VICTAULIC’s new FireLock NXT valve delivers superior fire protection system productivity and performance. The valves eliminate air to water differential, allowing a smaller air compressor to be used. Systems are set at 13 psi , regardless of water pressure, and trip at 7 psi. They feature a smaller footprint and simplified trim configuration. The compact trim and diaphragm design reduces the valve’s center-to-back take out up to a full 7 inches.

Software Integrates Plant Applications

GE FANUC’s Proficy Enterprise Connector 1.5 provides bi-directional enterprise integration between Proficy and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. This real-time capability allows manufacturers to establish flexible production operations and remain competitive. This extension of the Proficy Plant Applications integrated suite enables mapping of external business systems’ requests to/from the Proficy information architecture. The information from manufacturing facilities is now available to the business to make more rapid, informed, business decisions. The PEC 1.5 is supplied, out of the box, with a number of B2MML-based templates to jumpstart the integration process and speed a user’s time-to-value. Templates can be tailored to meet specific needs of a customer, site, or ERP system implementation.

Wide-Belt, Stainless Parts Washer

ALMCO’s Model PWRB9-36EU features a compact, U-bend design that allows a single operator to load and unload parts from one location. Made entirely of stainless steel, the new washer has rinse and blow-off capabilities and is modular in design to permit adding washing or drying stages as, required by the individual user. The unit’s wide belt carries individual parts or batches through the system from beginning to end.

Heavy-Duty, Low Profile Conveyors

QC INDUSTRIES’ 400 Series of heavy-duty conveyors combine low-profile (3 in.) with load-carrying capacities up to 1,000 lbs, and speeds up to 2,000 fpm. For transporting heavy loads in tight quarters, they offer belt widths up to 60 in. and are available in lengths up to 100 ft. Also available in center-drive or end-drive version, whichever suits the particular application. Accessories include sides, guides, mounts, stands, drive packages, and controls.