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Multi-Tumbling Batch Blast Machines

July 11, 2011
Designed for continuous performance and low maintenance
The RMT machines use a special rotary barrel design that ensures there are no “pinch points” that would damage sensitive parts.

Rosler Metal Finishing USA introduced the RMT series of durable, multi-tumbling batch blast machines that use a special rotary barrel design to produce “excellent” blast coverage results. Compared to conventional tumblast machines, the developer explained, the RMT has no “pinch points” to damage sensitive parts.

The RMT has a simple design with few moving parts, meaning it achieves high uptime and low maintenance costs. Automation is simplified by custom-made loading and unloading equipment that makes it easy to integrate into existing systems. Because the rotary barrel is constructed of highly wear-resistant manganese steel, Rosler said, RMT machines provide years of reliable service.

The RMT machines suit capacity requirements from 3- to 34-ft3 batch sizes and include a choice of blast turbines from 15-75 hp.