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Expedite Condition Monitoring for ODR

Feb. 27, 2012
Advanced inspection system automates paperless inspection routines
SKF Microlog Inspector System components, including user-friendly input screens and alarm indicators for abnormal conditions.

The SKF Microlog Inspector systems helps manufacturers implement operator driven reliability (ODR) programs to make their operations more efficient, more productive and less costly. ODR also helps to support worker safety while minimizing energy costs and potentially harmful environmental outcomes.

Because of their proximity to equipment and assets, operators are often the first to detect changes in process conditions and machinery health (e.g., abnormal field readings, odd noises, excessive heat, vibration, leaks, unusual pressure, or odors.) Through an ODR program, operators can monitor a machine’s condition, manage workflow, track safety and make regulatory inspections, in one system. It may help to reduce energy consumption, and to document how inspection efforts save production costs.

The SKF Microlog Inspector system is an advanced inspection system that automates paperless inspection routines, replacing and updating an existing data logging process for operations. User-friendly input screens promote accurate data recording, while alarm indicators bring awareness to abnormal conditions.

SKF Microlog Inspector can be installed on most Windows Mobile portable devices, so it is an easy method of communication. Users can install the SKF Microlog Inspector system on multiple devices throughout their organization and download specific inspection rounds directly to the operator.

SKF Microlog Inspector can transfer data over LAN, WiFi and even cellular data networks (3G/GPRS) to anywhere in the world for review and analysis by experienced maintenance engineers.

SKF Microlog Inspector’s connectivity with the SKF @ptitude Monitoring Suite provides in-depth analysis and communication of machine conditions between operations, maintenance, engineering functions, and plant management. Compliance reporting and scheduling allows for a range of collection schedules that vary from day, week, month, day of year, and multiple or repeat collections per time period. Customizable reports identify missed, overdue, out of compliance or points in alarm.

This gives customers the ability to start with an SKF Microlog Inspector system, and integrate other SKF portable and on-line condition monitoring systems as required. In addition, the SKF Microlog Inspector system can provide important support for key tasks such as work scheduling, environmental, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) inspections, and other regulatory and safety requirements, documenting inspection data for compliance reporting and audits.