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New Products: Automated Storage for Tools, Dies

Sept. 9, 2006
also, Arc-Resistant Cloting, Finishing Sticks, and more

Tool & Die Automated Storage
REMSTAR’s automated vertical storage and retrieval unit, the Shuttle XP Vertical Lift Module (VLM), maximizes overhead space and delivers parts and material to an ergonomic work height, saving up to 75% floor space. It enhances picking accuracy to the 99.9% level while reducing man hours and inventory by up to 70%. Remstar systems are available in a broad selection of configurations.

Lubricant Rust Preventatives
CORTEC CORP.’s VpCI-325 vegetable oil/solvent-based lubricant rust preventative is biodegradable and offers the same or better performances than traditional formulations. It offers up to 24 months of lubrications and corrosion protection for a variety of metals. The product loosens frozen and rusted metal parts, making them easy to move.

High-Temp Bulk Powder Cooling System
BULKFLOW TECHNOLOGIES’ new high-temperature bulk powder cooling system has an innovated tube exchanger that minimizes thermal stresses and accommodates thermal expansion. It cools bulk solids with temperatures up to 1,832°F, using horizontal water-cooled tubes as the heat-exchange surface. Useful in pyrometrallurgical processes for metal recovery and boiler ash in fluid bed combustion chambers.

High-Efficiency Filter Media
FARR AIR POLLUTION CONTROL’s HemiPleat HE (high efficiency)filter offers up to twice the service life and half the pressure drop of standard dust collector cartridge filters. Available in sizes to fit any cartridge collector, it is ideal for the capture of toxic and other ultra-fine dusts, and for applications where process air is recirculated downstream of the collector for energy savings. The patent-pending design holds the pleats of the filter open, virtually making the entire media surface available for filtration.

Arc-Resistant Clothing
MAGID GLOVE & SAFETY MFG.’s new line of A.R.C. (arc resisting clothing) line is ideal for work environments that require protection for workers against arc flash that may lead to burns and severe injuries. A.R.C. garments are available in 100% cotton or 88% cotton/12% nylon: both are chemically-treated to resist high temperature and degradation from industrial chemicals and solvents. Compliant to NFPA 70E-2004 hazard risk category 2, ASTM F1506-02A, and ASTM F1959/F1959-99.

Finishing Sticks
REX-CUT PRODUCTS’ full line of hand-held finishing sticks are effective for deburring, removing parting lines, and breaking edges in machined and cast parts. They feature reinforced non-woven cotton fiber layers with aluminum oxide or silicon carbide abrasives bonded and pressed together into square and round shapes. Available in several sizes with different grains and bonds, they can precisely fit into holes and slots.

Pressure-Blast Cabinet
GUYSON CORP.’s Model 8-AH adjusts in height to enable each user to find the most comfortable, convenient position for manual blasting. Extra large armholes permit increased freedom of movement. The direct pressure cabinet-blast system is available with 3ft3 vessel that allows an extended period of continuous blasting, then automatically recharges when the operator releases the footswitch.

Integrated Robot Vision Option
FANUC ROBOTICS AMERICA’s iRVision is an easy-to-use integrated robot vision option for the new FANUC RJ3iC Controller. The first built-in vision package is available on all RJ3iC controllers and is ready-to-use requiring only a camera and cable. It has a 2D robot guidance tool to accomplish part location, error proofing, and other operations that normally require special sensors or custom fixtures. A customer can simple plug in a camera and cable to a dedicated vision port on the robot’s main CPU and the system is read to go to work.

Gas Flow Meter
FLUID COMPONENTS INTERNATIONAL’s ST75 Flow Meter is ideal for use in fuel gas and air feed lines. Its rugged design and accuracy can help reduce the cost of operating the furnaces, burners, industrial ovens, heat treating systems, boilers, natural gas-powered back-up power systems, and power co-gen equipment commonly found in a variety of industries. It is enclosed in a rugged, all-metal, dust and water resistant packaged designed for hazardous area installations.

Automation for Nitrogen/Oxygen Determinators
LECO’s TC-Series Nitrogen/Oxygen Determinators are available in two formats. The Cassette (top) autoloader, for the TC500 and TC600 is a sample automation system designed to automatically process from 19 to 57 pre-weighed samples using up to three 19-positioned stacked carousels. The Process (bottom) autoloader, available exclusively for the TC600, holds up to 95 samples with five 19-position carousels stacked and is designed for up to eight hours of complete automation. Both require an autocleaner kit.

Vertical Turning Center for Heavy Duty Cutting
YOU JI’s VTL-1600ATC-II vertical turning center is ideal for heavy duty, large parts turning. It boasts heavily ribbed Meehanite castings that minimize thermal distortion and dampen vibration. Both X and Z axes are supported by oversized, hardened , and ground box ways that deliver outstanding stability and rigidity. The heavy duty spindle is built to withstand the toughest cutting conditions, incorporating a 23 in. diameter precision cross roller bearing and NN type roller bearings that easily bear high axial and radial loads.

Custom Curved-Metal Conveyor Covers
CURVELINE INC.’s custom fabrication of metal panel conveyor covers can be used wherever covered conveyor systems are required for weather protection or air pollution control. Curveline can create customized covers from a choice of appox. 50 different exposed fastener panels available from leading panel manufacturers around the country. A minimum 24-gauge steel in 7/8 to 1.5 in. panel depth is are used on most curved cover applications. Unfinished galvanized steel is the most common substrate, but pre-painted panels in virtually any color may be specified. www.CurveLine

Hybrid AS/RS Cranes
FKI LOGISTEX’ hybrid automated storage-and-retrieval cranes support manufacturers and manufacturing processes. They are typically used in high-bay warehouses in AS/RS applications where they take advantage of vertical space to reduce the need for costly warehouse floor space.

Safety Relief Valve
WITT’s safety relief valves now feature opening pressures of up to 100 bar, suitable for all pressure levels between 45 and 100 bar. They also feature manual venting, enabling a safety test to be performed after the valve has been fitted. The opening pressure can be set individually by Witt to meet on-site requirements, and the valves are available in brass or stainless steel.

Metering Pump
NEPTUNE CHEMICAL PUMP’s 500AR series hydraulic diaphragm metering pump is designed with an automatic air release valve to be used in sodium hypochlorite service with other chemicals that off-gas at room temperature. Its PVC head design minimizes internal space, eliminating areas where gas can accumulate. All ports slope upward to vent gas through the top of the pump and away from the diaphragm. All models feature micrometer dial allowing manual adjustment over 10-1 turndown range.

Static Monitoring/Interlock System
NEWSON GALE’s Earth-Rite FIBC grounding system provides verification that static electricity from type C flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBCs) are controlled. Type C containers feature a conductive construction to deal with static build-up , but do not provide positive assurance that build-up will not occur since external factors might also be involved. The Earth-Rite FIBC system provides that the bag’s anti-static construction is functional and correctly grounded. The interlock design will allow product to transfer only when the resistance through the container is less than 1x10(8) Ohms.

Handheld Pendant Station
MICRONOR’s MR175 series Handheld Pendant Station for machine control offers a superb ergonomic form factor, a full complement of control options, and choice of serial or hardwired interface. Controls include include E-Stop switch, left and right Enable buttons, 2 rotary switches, 4 pushbuttons, potentiometer, and manual pulse generator. The unit can also be custom configured for a variety of OEM applications, including CNC machines, cranes, assembly lines, process control, robotics, and teaching pendant.