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Recuperative Burners

Sept. 24, 2007
Energy saving, low pollution
LBE FEUERUNGSTECHNIK'S Ecomax series of recuperative burners offer an energy-saving, low-pollution alternative for direct and indirect heating installations. With an integrated recuperator, the Ecomax uses the heat of the furnace flue gas to preheat the combustion air. After it enters the burner, the combustion air flows on the inside of the recuperator to the air/gas mixing system. The hot flue gases, flowing in the opposite direction, leave the furnace chamber on the outside. Heat is exchanged between the hot flue gases and the cold combustion air through the recuperator wall. That allows considerable energy savings, depending on burner model and mode of operation. Available in seven sizes with a capacity range from 12 kW to 500 kW, compatible with both natural gas and liquid petroleum gas.