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Wet Blast Machines for Unequaled Finish Control

May 2, 2011
Rosler KS series models use abrasive media and water to clean, descale, and degrease surfaces in a single operation
Cleaning media is directed through a high-volume internal pump to a blast gun powered by regulated air pressure. The closed-loop process is dust- and chemical-free, and both the media and water are recirculated.

ROSLER METAL FINISHING USA reports that its KS series wet blast machines offer flexible, productive solutions while providing uniform media flow and “unequaled” finish control. They are available in standard machine cabinet sizes from 28-60-in. square and a wide range of sump and media capacities, so they can be installed to function for a variety of applications.

The KS high-volume wet blast process is a self-contained system that uses a slurry of abrasive media and water to clean, descale and degrease surfaces in a single operation. The slurry is directed through a special high-volume, internally mounted pump to a blast gun where regulated air pressure adjusts the aggressiveness of the process. The process is free of dust and chemicals, and because it is “closed-loop” with the media and water recirculated there is no need for a drain. Rosler adds that the process also eliminates wastewater pollution and expensive disposal methods.

By using water as a buffer between metal and media to cushion the shock and reduce the downward force, KS series wet blasting machines avoid the surface impregnation that is possible when using traditional blasting media to process parts.

KS machines are ideal for cleaning and deburring castings and molds, among other products, as well as for other cleaning and surface preparation applications. Customized installations are available.