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Trouble-Free Mold Handlers/Manipulators

Sept. 7, 2011
Three models, according to mold size
Palmer Manufacturing’s PMH series machines are designed to handle rated-capacity, off-center loads by approximately 10%.

PALMER MANUFACTURING & SUPPLY INC. presents a line of mold handlers / manipulators for flask and flaskless molding lines that are built for durability and effectiveness, to “provide years of trouble-free service,” according to the builder.

The general-purpose PMH-H series mold handlers/manipulators use a high-quality, long stroke, hydraulic cylinder with an automatic adjustable pressure sensor to clamp the mold closed. The series consists of three models, according to mold size:
• PMH-4000-H has a maximum opening of 56 in., a minimum opening of 24 in., and a 30-in. swing radius.
• PMH-6000-H has a maximum opening of 62 in., a minimum opening of 30 in., and a 36-in. swing radius.
• PMH-10000-H has a maximum opening of 96 in., a minimum opening of 48 in., and a 48-in. swing radius.

The units are designed to handle rated-capacity off-center loads by approximately 10%. This, coupled with high strength steel gripping pads, ensures that operators can roll tough jobs easily. Rolling power comes from a hydraulic motor and a double- or triple-speed reduction chain-and-sprocket assembly.

Leveling is accomplished by using a dedicated hydraulic cylinder and trolley/beam assembly. It can be conducted manually (by an operator) or automatically using a solid-state leveling switch. The auto-leveling feature ensures that the operator can clamp and roll a mold single-handedly. This also makes locating the clamping jaws on the mold less critical.

The PMH series machines are powered by high-quality and internationally available hydraulic components and controls, and all spares are available “off the shelf” via the machine builder.