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New Products: Flux Injection Machine,

July 10, 2006
Plus, casting simulation software, thermal imaging detects slag, and more
Flux Injection Machine

For high-quality molten aluminum, flux and a carrier gas are injected and mixed into the melt. This process can be automated by using the Rotorject from , which provides simultaneous rotary degassing and flux injection. It increases the efficiency of the degassing operation and significantly reduces oxide inclusion concentration in molten aluminum. The machine is a portable unit mounted on wheels with an operator control panel. It has two automated sections: the rotary mixer and the vertical positioning axis for the mixer arm.

Motion-Control Couplings

LOVEJOY’s new line of motion-control couplings are available in several styles, including beam, oldham, mini-jaw, bellows, mini-soft, mini-disc, and curved jaw. They provide accurate transfer of motion between two rotating shafts, compensating for parallel, angular, and axial misalignments, with a wide selection available to tailor the fit of any manufacturing facility’s internal tolerance ranges. For harsh environments, maximum temperature tolerances on some styles reach 300°F; high-speed operations can look to the GS curved jaw mini-coupling, with a maximum 31,800 RPM. The bellows-style clamp coupling specifically addresses higher torque and bore capacities.

Casting Simulation Software

The newest version of MAGMASOFT’s simulation software, 4.4, is available with an collection of new features. The new flow solver enables the user to analyze complex filling conditions and components with extremely thin walls. Flow lengths can be determined as well as the "age" of the melt during the filling process. Comprehensive information about the local heat balance for the tool can be created for the permanent-mold casting process, important to the layout of cooling channels and thermal regulation of the die. It is possible, for the first time, to import scanned CT data into Magmasoft and compare with simulation results; and the new MagmaFrontier is the first module that transforms a simulation program into a tool for process optimization or optimized casting design.

Thermal Imaging Detects Steel Slag

LAND INSTRUMENTS’ SDS slag detection system combines the latest thermal-imaging technology to carry from furnace to ladle. Once the software is installed, the pre-installed and configured image processing software works with minimum set-up. The operator has access to all the data for quality control purposes and can view critical information, such as the live thermal images, steel and slag percentages, time vs. percentages graph, alarm level, and alarm status. Secondary information, such as tap number and sensor temperature, are also available. SDS records each tap and simultaneously generates a log and graph of the steel/slag data. There is interconnectivity option for online control, and up to four users may view remotely a condensed view of the live tap anywhere the plant inputs and outputs.

Swing-Aside Pyrometer Stand

MORGANITE CRUCIBLE LTD.’s new swing-aside stand extends the life of ceramic sheaths. The pyrometer mechanism provides the furnace operator with complete control over the handling of the sheath. The counterbalanced arm and locking handle prevent accidental contact of the sheath with the furnace sides and allows careful control during the lowering and raising of the sheath. The 360° rotation and one-meter reach provide full accessibility in any furnace configuration. A standardized screw fitting ensures rapid changeover of pyrometer sheaths up to 762 mm in length.

Label Design Software for Product ID, Tracking

BRADY CORP.’s new BradySoft label design software allows users to design and print labels specifically for product identification and tracking. It provides a range of sophisticated label design for any project. It also enables company data to be imported and printed on the label in a variety of formats, including 2D barcodes, regardless of volume. Users can design and print bar codes, text, graphic images, fixed or variable data, and user-defined or database-driven labels with ease and flexibility. The drag-and-drop design simplifies label creation, and the document browser interface lists every object, allowing for quick access for modifications. Available in four configurations.

On-Machine Inspection Measurement

FARO TECHNOLOGIES’ PowerGAGE is a measurement device that adds CAD-to-part analysis capability to its FaroGAGE product line. It is an on-machine inspection device that enables manufacturers to verify that a part meets the CAD file’s specs to within 0.0002 of an inch. It runs exclusively on a version of Delcam’s PowerINSPECTsoftware. Combined, it can create inspection programs/routines offline for anyone in the facility to run; import all major industry CAD formats; perform surface inspection against master CAD files; receive onscreen instructions, including images and videos; and access a full suite of geometric inspection tools.

Electric-Powered Skid Pressure Washer

KARCHER’s new self-contained, skid-mounted, electric-powered, and diesel-fueled hot-water pressure washers are available in five models. Cleaning powers range from 4.2 to 4.8 PGM and 2,000 to 3,000 PSI of pressure. All five are encased in a rugged steel cage made of 1.25 in. steel tubing and painted with an epoxy powder coat finish for all-weather protection. Features include a spring-loaded, insulated trigger gun with insulated wand, high-pressure detergent injection system; 50 ft. of wire-braided hose rated to 4,500 psi; and a 9-gal rust-free, polyethylene fuel tank for hours of uninterrupted cleaning.

Air-Flow Monitor

FILTERSENSE’s AF100 series air-flow monitors are designed specifically for measuring air flow/velocity in high particulate processes and stacks. There are no orifices or thermal elements to clog and installation is simple with no precise alignment or calibration. Abrasion-proof probes are available for small pipes to large ducts while non-intrusive ring sensors are available for tubing.

Heavy-Duty, Low Profile Conveyors

QC INDUSTRIES’ 400 Series heavy-duty conveyors combine low-profile (3 in.) with load-carrying capacities up to 1,000 lb, and speeds to 2,000 fpm. For transporting heavy loads in tight quarters, available with belt widths to 60 in. and in lengths to 100 ft. Also available in center-drive or end-drive version. Accessories include sides, guides, mounts, stands, drive packages, and controls.

Horizontal Machining Centers

MAKINO’s J3 horizontal machining centers are a high-speed, high production operation, ideal for high-volume parts manufacturing and numerous forms of automation and part transfer, especially for small automotive components and diecast aluminum parts. Equipped with various coolant functions and exceptional chip management systems, especially the chip disposal system with its 30° incline oil pan and shortened coolant trough to quickly remove chips and heat from the machine structure. Its flexible HSK-A50 spindle tool interfaces comes with a tool storage capacity of 15 tools,and HSK-50/63 tool holders that can achieve greater rigidity and superior finishes based on the needs of your application. Its compact machine design offers a 40% reduction in power consumption and a footprint of 50 3 124 in.

Filter Removes Compressor Contaminants

Compressed-air condensate — and oil/water mixture — is classified as a hazardous waste and may not be discharged into municipal wastewater systems unless oil and contaminants are removed. The

KAESER Condensate Filter (KCF) is designed to filter oil and other contaminants, so water is safe for disposal. The key is a three-stage, self-contained plastic filter cartridge that’s convenient for replacement and disposal. Offered in two sizes, for flows of approximately 100 ft3/m or 500 ft3/m. Larger flows may be handled by linking multiple KCFs to an optional flow splitter.

Mobile Computing Units Voice Activated

FKI LOGISTIX’s new EasyPick voice order fulfillment system is now compatible with select mobile computing units. The mobile units, which resemble PDAs, offer touch screens, bar code, and RFID scanning compatibility. With the available interaction with EasyPick, the units are freed to multitask with other software and systems, adding to their versatility and cost-effectiveness. Warehouse staffs can use EasyPick Voice for picking while accessing applications needed for other functions, such as shipping, receiving, and inventory tracking. It includes light- and voice-directed picking products, and easily integrates with existing WMS, ERP, or Legacy systems.

Closed-Loop Brinell Hardness Testing

WILSON INSTRUMENTS’ CLB3 Closed-Loop Brinell Hardness testing instrument is a table-mounted unit with a capacity of 3,000 kg and features a electromechanical crosshead drive system with variable speed control. The system is supplied with a 10-mm carbide ball, two Brinell test blocks, and is calibrated to four customer-defined, selectable loads with unlimited selection of test loads with systems ranging from 32.5 Kg to 3,000 Kg.

Easy Loading Palletizer

SOUTHWORTH’s Roll-In Level Loader is a manual palletizer that simplifies loading and unloading full pallets. Thanks to cutouts in its low-profile platform, forks of a hand pallet truck can roll into the platform, level with the top. The innovative design accommodates any open-bottom pallet or skid, and ensures that the load is evenly placed when the pallet truck is lowered and rolled away. Available in two models, in capacities of either 2,500 and 4,000 lb, in various lowered and raised heights, and in platform sizes of 48 3 53 or 51 3 53 in.

Miniature Proximity Sensors

The BALUFF line of long-range mini-inductive proximity sensors now includes 4- and 5-mm unshielded models, a new standard for sensing distance, out to 5 mm, the equivalent range of sensors three to four times larger. These new models allow use of significantly smaller sensors that save space, without sacrificing range. Principal applications are small part detection where a high level of miniaturization is required for tight locations — eg., robotic tooling and automated assembly systems

Depressed-Center Wheels for Stainless

Charger Plus wheels from NORTON ABRASIVES are called "the best grain to cut and grind stainless steel." The complete line is designed with a blend of zirconia-alumina and aluminum oxide material, for foundry and other applications. The bond contains no sulphur, iron, or chlorine, eliminating contamination opportunities (ie., rust, etc.) and making the wheel "softer acting." Available for stainless in 0.125-in. thicknesses for cutting and grinding; in 0.25-in. for heavier stock removal. Diameters offered for grinding and cutting wheels: 4, 4.5, 5, 6, 7, and 9 in., with both 0.875 and5/8-11 center holes. Saucer wheels are offered in 7- and 9-in. diameters; 0.25 in. thick; and 5/8-11 center holes.