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Measurement Arm for Rapid Verification

April 25, 2011
CMM tool with integrated measurement interface
The new FARO Edge has multiple options for connectivity, integral sensor that warn against excess external loads, correct for thermal variations, and detect setup problems; and ergonomic weight distribution to reduce strain and simplify use.

FARO Technologies Inc.’s new measurement arm for portable measurement and imaging operations — the FARO Edge — simplifies and accelerates manufacturers’ efforts to verify product quality by performing inspections, tool certifications, CAD-to-part analysis, and reverse engineering by hard probing and non-contact laser scanning.

This addition to FARO’s measurement arm product line improves production, quality, and reverse engineering processes by rapidly verifying or scanning parts with confidence and accuracy. The new arm also simplifies users’ experience with improved performance, portability, and reliability. “The FARO Edge was designed with our customers’ input and built with our experience,” stated Jay Freeland, FARO’s president and CEO. “It offers unparalleled simplicity for the user while maintaining all the existing benefits of a FaroArm and demonstrates our continued leadership in this space through innovative and disruptive technology.”

The Edge features the first integrated personal measurement assistant. A built-in touch-screen and on-board operating system provide standalone basic measurement capability; it’s not necessary to use a laptop or other interface device to perform quick dimensional checks, or to optimize the measurement system’s performance thanks to the arm’s on-board diagnostic routines.

Other design features include Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB, and Ethernet-ready connectivity; sensors to warn against excessive external loads, correct for thermal variations, and detect possible setup problems; ergonomic weight distribution that reduces strain and simplifies use; and a multifunction port for simple and interchangeable accessory integration.

Also new from FARO is the V4 Laser Line Probe, with a wider laser stripe that increases scan coverage significantly without sacrificing accuracy, providing unparalleled non-contact measurement capabilities. Variable capture rates can produce over 45,000 points per second, according to FARO. The V4 takes advantage of the Edge’s multi-function, quick-change handle port and integrates seamlessly with the arm.

“Everything about the Edge was designed from the ground up to boost productivity and deliver the best performance in a portable arm CMM,” stated FaroArm product manager Orlando Perez. “As the first ever smart measurement arm with built-in apps, the FARO Edge changes absolutely everything.”