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Water-based Quenchants for Induction Hardening

Oct. 17, 2011
Biostable formulations extend system life, provide safer working environment
Aqua-Quench 145 and Aqua-Quench 245 are water-based, so by varying concentrations users can determine the quenching speed of the solutions to suit steel hardenability and component requirements.

HOUGHTON INTERNATIONAL formulated its Aqua-Quench 145 and Aqua-Quench 245 to address a common problem in heat treating: metal parts may not be cleaned prior to induction hardening, which allows pre-heat treatment process fluids to contaminate the quenchant and degrade its performance and system life. Aqua-Quench 145 and Aqua-Quench 245 contain ingredients that offer greater stability against microbial intrusions and extend the life of induction hardening systems by up to 100 percent, according to the developer.

Because the two quenchants are water-based, there are no sticky deposit: spray nozzles and filters run cleaner and quenched parts have uniform surface quality. Water-based Aqua-Quench solutions also support cleaner, safer working environments for users.

Aqua-Quench 145 and Aqua-Quench 245 users can select the quenching speed of the solutions to suit the steel hardenability and component requirements by varying concentrations of the quenchants. This allows uniform quenching, which eliminates steam pockets and the formation of soft spots on quenched parts.

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