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Induction Hardening Turntable

May 21, 2012
High-throughput system hardens, tempers, and quenches
GH IA said the new system is the first example of technology transfer with its parent company.

GH Induction Atmospheres has built an induction heating machine that hardens, tempers, and quenches automotive parts on a rotating turntable. The developer said an unidentified global manufacturer of components for automotive and other industrial markets plans to use the new machine to harden automotive ball studs — and achieve increased speed, economy, and consistency.

The revolving system can process up to 240 parts per hour, Rochester, NY-based GH IA stated. “This new machine fulfills the promise of our exciting partnership with GH Group,” according to chief technical officer Dale Wilcox. “With our combined engineering expertise and GH IA's American manufacturing and service capabilities, this machine is just the first of many innovative induction heating solutions we'll be developing for our customers.”

The new system represents the first, comprehensive technology transfer between GH IA and its parent company, GH Group. GH Group completed the basic system design at its engineering center in Valencia Spain; final design and manufacturing were completed at GH IA's Rochester operation.

GH Induction Atmospheres customizes industrial heating systems for automotive, aerospace, medical, and energy production applications.