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Portable Wheels Reduce Grinding Time

March 12, 2012
More friable zirconia-alumina grain and durable resin bond technologies provide higher metal removal rates
The BlueFire series is recommended for removing gates and risers, flaws and cracks from workpieces, smoothing weld seams, cleaning castings, and rough beveling. SAINT-GOBAIN ABRASIVES is presenting Norton BlueFire zirconia-aluminum portable foundry wheels for foundries and other metal producing and fabricating operations, and promising improvements over conventional zirconia products — including a reduction in grind time of over 40% and an increase of almost 130% in G-ratio.

Norton is a Saint-Gobain brand and the world’s largest abrasives manufacturer. The BlueFire portable snagging cup wheels are characterized as Norton’s “better” choice for steel, iron, and graphite foundry snagging jobs. The developer explained that more friable zirconia alumina-grain and durable resin-bond technologies provide higher metal removal rates than standard zirconia alumina blends, and allow the grain to stay sharp and free-cutting longer, for increased wheel life on high- and medium-pressure applications. Operators indicate that the wheels demand less pressure and exertion to complete the job, which reduces jamming and gouging of the work piece.

“Our new BlueFire portable foundry wheels for the metal fabricating industry provide the ideal balance of performance and price for steel, iron and graphite applications such as removing gates and risers, flaws and cracks from a workpiece, smoothing weld seams, cleaning casting and rough beveling,” said Saint-Gobain Abrasives’ David Long, director of Marketing and Strategy.

BlueFire portable foundry wheels are available in 4NZ for tough metal removal jobs as well as NZC and NZAC for steel and scale-covered castings. An extended cutting capacity promotes less downtime and higher productivity with less operator time required to remove more material.

Wheels are available in many stock sizes, from 4/3×2×5/8-11 to 6/4-13/16×2 ×5/8-11. They also are available in made-to-order in grit sizes 14-36, and grades N-T in these categories:
• Portable Type 01 straight wheels, reinforced and non-reinforced, 4-10 in. diameter
• Portable Type 06 straight and Type 11 flaring cups, anchor back and full steel back bushings, 4-8 in. diameter
• Cones and plugs, Type 16, 17 and 17R cones; Type 18, 18R and 19 plugs