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Improved Diecasting Product Line

March 5, 2012
Productivity emphasized in designs for plates, die blocks, retainer sets, and more
DME’s line of diecasting products includes: diecast die assemblies; slide action components; cooling supplies; die components; pins, sleeves, and blades; and die assembly components.

DME Company, a manufacturer of diecasting assemblies and components, recently improved its diecasting product line to offer a wider range of products, including plates, die blocks, retainer sets, ejector pins, and other die components. “We’ve taken all of our resources and applied them to providing more efficient, time-saving solutions for our diecasting customers,” stated Mike Kreitner, the company’s business manager for Quick Change Mold Systems and Emergent Technologies.

For example, DME said design changes to its standard unit dies have cut changeover times dramatically. “While standard die changes can take anywhere from two hours to two days,” Kreitner added, “we’ve designed DME standard unit dies with such close tolerances that you can complete a replacement in 20 minutes or less.”

Improvements to other areas of the company’s product line include:
Diecast assemblies, dies, and holders — Both standard unit dies and standard A and B series mold bases are easily adapted for both long and short runs of zinc or aluminum. Bases can be coupled with DME standard die blocks, plates, and other components, and designed into a complete die buildup to suit specific needs.

Sprue and runner spreaders — DME sprue spreaders are contoured to provide constant area and control metal flow through the bushing to within 0.002 in. This improved metal flow permits faster cavity fill, while reducing both shot pressure and clamp tonnage requirements. Lower shot pressure combined with constant cross-sectional flow reduces turbulence and porosity. The result: Increased productivity and improved part quality.

Die clamps — DME’s through-hardened die clamps are forged from high-tensile steel and designed with a hardened, no-turn washer and a range of sizes that permit universal application for any die. Other features include an adjusting screw large enough to span the “T” slot in platens with ample bearing surface on both side, and a standard T-bolt long enough to satisfy clamping heights up to 2.250 inches.

Pins, sleeves and blades — A wide range of pins, sleeves and blades are offered in inch, DIN, and JIS sizes. These components can be ordered online, around the clock, with order status updates and free ground shipping.

Chill vents — Chill vents minimize molten-metal spouting and reduce flashing when charging molten metal into the die cavity. Available in three sizes, diecast chill vents are often used with permanent molds for die casting light metals such as aluminum or magnesium. The chill vent functions as a means of efficiently exhausting residual air and/or gas from the inside to the outside of a die cast mold cavity.