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Biostable Coolant for Machining

March 19, 2012
Chlorine-free formula for machining and grinding, extends tool life
Hocut 400K is a clean running and low foaming solution that helps to lower disposal costs.

HOUGHTON INTERNATIONAL indicated its Hocut 400K coolant will maximize production efficiency for machining operations that require coolants capable of working in diverse applications and on a wide variety of metals. Hocut 400K is a heavy-duty, chlorine-free machining and grinding metalworking fluid that can be used with many machines, including bar machines, lathes, chuckers, and centerless and cylindrical grinders.

The developer explained using Hocut 400K helps manufacturers to gain cost-efficiencies by reducing the number of different metalworking fluids in their inventory. Because it can be used on many metals, it removes the need for changeover, promoting decreased downtime. The coolant provides in-process corrosion protection for machinery and parts without staining, and it extends tool life by offering good lubrication for machine ways and indexing mechanisms.

Hocut 400K is clean running and low foaming, which contributes to reduced disposal costs and increased operator acceptance. Its biostable formula also ensures long, odor-free sump life.

The coolant reportedly is well suited for machining automotive-grade aluminum cast alloys, including 308, 319, 356, 380, 384, and 390. It is also recommended for machining high- and low-carbon steel; 4130 and 4140 alloy steels; and cast iron, gray iron, and ductile iron.

Houghton International Inc. develops and supplies specialty chemicals, oils, and lubricants for metalworking, automotive production, and steelmaking and processing, as well as for offshore oil exploration and production.