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New Riser Tube for Dosing Furnaces

April 16, 2012
Addition of a steel flange ensures a precise fit, consistently accurate dosing, and long service life
The new ceramic riser tube with a steel flange is easy to install and creates a precise fit with the dosing furnace.

STRIKOWESTOFEN GROUP reported that a new ceramic riser tube with a steel flange will improve the “maximum energy efficiency, material yield, and dosing precision” of its Westomat® dosing furnaces. This new accessory allows easy installation and a precise fit, and delivers a long service life, it said. The new riser tube will have an immediate effect on the performance of currently installed dosing furnaces, and on request it will be mounted on newly delivered models.

The dosing process is based on “overpressure” inside the furnace: the riser tube is constantly filled with molten metal up to the “top stop position,” just before it overflows. From there, it supplies the mold or casting machine with metal, as required, so the Westomat dosing furnaces will save up to two-thirds of the energy required by automatic ladle systems. The technology also guarantees high-quality metal with no oxide inclusions.

The new development that increases the process reliability of the dosing system is StrikoWestofen’ ceramic riser tube with a steel flange. It is easy to install and fits with precision, according to the developer. In contrast to the riser tubes with conical connections, the flange connection prevents incorrect positioning in the melt. Also, it is no longer necessary to cast the tube in heat-resistant refractory, so long periods for drying and installation time are unnecessary. Any leaks occurring between a heat-resistant refractory and a conical casting are eliminated, which increases the precision of the dosing process.

“Our new riser tube is made of heavy-duty aluminum titanate,” explained StrikoWestofen’s Holger Stephan. “The durability, high-precision manufacturing, and absolute resistance of the ceramic material to pressure allow us to achieve a service life that is up to three times higher than that reached by comparable products available on the market.”

The riser tube is a significant factor in the calibration of the dosing furnace, because the process depends on the system being reliably secured by a high-temperature seal. Inaccuracies in production, in the orifice size, or even changes in the diameter occurring during furnace operation will impair the dosing process permanently. “The precise manufacture and the high-quality material used for our riser tubes guarantee a constant and highly exact hole diameter, with no washing out. This is the only way to guarantee the dosing precision throughout the entire service life of the riser tube,” Stephan stated.

StrikoWestofen provides comprehensive after-sales service to ensure the continuing efficiency of the furnace systems. Trained technicians ensure the supply of spare parts and the execution of maintenance work at over 25 locations worldwide.