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Stronger Filters for Casting Steel

July 21, 2012
Carbon bonding improves filtration performance for steel and heavy iron castings

FOSECO’s STELEX PrO series of carbon-bonded ceramic filters now incorporate an innovative ProBond carbon-bonding technology that the developer indicated improves the filters’ overall performance. The technology is the result of an extensive research and development program, as well as customers’ evaluations.

Among the filters’ improvements that Foseco detailed are better filter strength, noting improved flexural strength at room temperature, and in applications with molten steel or iron. It also indicated reduced filter friability, and an improved filter structure that will optimize the products’ metal-flow characteristics.

ProBond is the latest improvement for the STELEX PrO carbon-bonded filter technology, which is a proprietary filter manufacturing method for Foseco and patented in over 35 countries. The technique also enhances many of the established benefits of filtering steel and iron with STELEX PrO filters, including:
• The ease and consistency of liquid metal priming;
• Efficient removal of inclusions; and
• Flow modification and reduction in turbulence reduction.

Process productivity is improved, too, as casting scrap and rework is reduced.