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Air Technical Industries
ATIs portable jib cranes are built of heavyduty industrial welded steel for safe and longlasting use

Counter-Balance Jib Crane with 360° Rotation

Nov. 18, 2012
Convertible, detaches from base to save floor space Manual or electric-powered hoist Rotates on heavy-duty bearing, cam followers

AIR TECHNICAL INDUSTRIES developed a new series of portable jib cranes that are self-supportive and can be used anywhere — indoors or outdoors — without installation. The cranes have a counterweight built in to the base for stability, and fork pockets for portability. They can be moved easily because the structure is not bolted to the floor, as is the case with standard jib cranes. Those models can be used only at a single, fixed location.

One crane that can be used at multiple locations adds versatility and savings by avoiding the need for several cranes at different locations, and also save shop-floor space. The portable jib crane is convertible, too, and can be detached from the base and mounted to the floor.

The cranes feature 360° boom rotation, manually operated, and with an optional powered boom rotation. They may be equipped with a manual hoist or electric-powered hoist, 110-volt single phase or 240-480 volts, three-phase. For hazardous work areas, air-powered pneumatic spark proof hoists are available.

Portable jib cranes are built of heavy-duty industrial welded steel for safe and long-lasting use. The rotation is on a heavy-duty Timken roller bearing and precision-built cam followers for smooth, easy, effortless rotation. Cranes are available in capacities of 500, 1,000 or 2,000 lb., with a span length of 6 to 12 feet and an under-beam height up to 24 ft.

The cranes feature two different counter-balance designs: one is counterweight built into the enlarged base for stability; the other is mounted on the rotating beam so that counterweight is always on the opposite side of the payload. The specially designed counterweight base has four-way fork pockets for easy accessibility from any side.

The portable jib crane is ideal for on-the-spot lifting and handling of heavy components at different locations. It can be a great complement to a larger overhead crane to save the time for heavier lifts, while using the Portable Jib Crane under the overhead crane to help out.