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Developed primarily for use by NDT technicians is also effective for locating leaks in baghouse filters or in air conditioning coolant and hydraulic systems

UV Inspection for Castings, Machined Parts, etc.

April 28, 2014
Cordless inspection tool for fluorescent magnetic particle and penetrant NDT Exceeds ASTM E2297 requirements Positionable light head Magnetic mounting capability

MAXXEON INC. designed a new UV inspection light for fluorescent magnetic particle and penetrant non-destructive testing that combines cordless portability with performance that exceeds ASTM E2297 requirements for intensity. It was developed specifically for manufacturing, maintenance, and quality control technicians inspecting castings, machined parts, and welded structures, or in facility inspections, for example, in oilfield and chemical processing.

The developer claims to have achieved exceptional versatility with the new WorkStar 2003 high-output UV inspection light by integrating the new light with the features of the previous WorkStar 2000 work light. The new inspection light employs an advanced UV LED to deliver a tool with UV light that exceeds ASTM E2297 requirements of 10,000 µW/cm². It is capable of turning on instantly, requiring no warm-up period. In addition to being cordless and rechargeable, it has a moveable light head and magnetic mounting capability. It is supplied with a retractable hook for suspending the light for hands-free lighting. It also has a removable belt clip, and is capable of being mounted on a tripod.

There are two power levels available selection.

While the light was developed primarily for use by NDT technicians, it is also effective for other uses, such as locating leaks in baghouse filters by fluorescing UV-reflective particles, or in air conditioning, coolant and hydraulic systems by fluorescing the dye in the system.

The Maxxeon WorkStar 2003 (part number MXN02003) is available from industrial supply houses and tool distributors across the U.S.