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ldquohellipwith a new particle standard device that confirms system calibration the new Inspector 564 system enhances manual particleheight measurement functionality ensures smooth image flow during live scanning and offers an array of options and abilities helliprdquo

Image Analysis Software

July 4, 2014
Inspector 5.64 provides accurate, reproducible particle detection, measurement, and documentation  Automated filter membrane residue analysis Automated particle analysis Automated rating of nonmetallic inclusions in steel

OLYMPUS Inspector Series software is an image analysis program that helps turn Olympus microscopes into high-performance analysis stations, and provides users with accurate, reproducible particle-size and distribution data. In response to increasing requirements for particle counting and cleanliness inspection, Olympus recently launched Inspector Series 5.64, which includes all-new versions of Olympus Filter Inspector (automated filter membrane residue analysis), Olympus Particle Inspector (advanced automated particle analysis), and Olympus Inclusion Inspector (automated rating of nonmetallic inclusions in steel.)

With the release of Inspector Series 5.64, Olympus introduces users to a host of new software features designed to further enhance workflow and allow simple, flexible system operation:
•  Ability to measure the height of particles by selecting the particle list and manually defining the top and bottom of the particle (Particle Inspector only)
•  Addition of NAS1638 and SAE AS4059 standards for cleanliness clarification for hydraulic fluid
•    New particle standard device for confirming system calibration and performance

•  Ability to interactively select individual particles or the largest particles for the report (Particle/Filter Inspector only)
•  Now fully compatible with Windows 7 64-bit
•  Advanced integration with the OLYMPUS BX61 microscope for further automating scans that distinguish between reflecting and non-reflecting particles

“With a new particle standard device that confirms system calibration, the new Inspector 5.64 system enhances manual particle-height measurement functionality, ensures smooth image flow during live scanning, and offers an array of options and abilities that will allow Inspector to remain one of today’s most efficient and useful image analysis software packages for automated particle counting,” said Jennifer Wrigley, Olympus product applications manager.

Olympus Inspector 5.64 software is compatible with Olympus XC10, XM10, and UC30 cameras, and Olympus BX, GX, MX, and SZX Series microscopes.