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The new Cyclops L portable noncontact thermometer includes a route manager for tracking temperatures in multiple locations requiring regular reliable monitoring

Improved Non-Contact Thermometers

Sept. 29, 2014
Now includes high-efficiency route manager, additional damage protection Measures 200°-3,000°C Foundries, steelmaking, more

AMETEK LAND now incorporates a high-efficiency route manager and new protections against accidental damage to its Cyclops line of portable non-contact thermometers. The new Cyclops L family includes four models to measure across a range from 200°C/392°F to 3000°C/5432 °F, for a range of applications that include liquid metal, steelmaking, glass production, and furnace maintenance.

The Route Manager lets users identify each location with a description, an emissivity value, a window correction factor (if applicable), and a unique identifier. This mode allows complete repeatability of readings, making the thermometer a good tool for multiple locations requiring regular and reliable monitoring.

A new industrial rubber casing cover and lens hood provide additional damage protection.

Ametek Land designs and manufactures instruments for industrial infrared temperature measurement, combustion efficiency, and environmental pollutant emissions.