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Rayteqrsquos new Model DC950 electricresistance aluminum alloy melting furnace has a melting rate of 1000 lbshour and a capacity of more than two tons

Furnace Melts 1,000 lbs./hr., Right at the Machine

March 5, 2015
World’s largest ER crucible melter for structural and conventional diecasting, permanent mold, and sand casting Clean metal, stronger castings Precise temperature control Reliable heating elements

RAYTEQ LLC’s  Model DC-950 electric-resistance, crucible-type aluminum melting furnace is the world’s largest, with a melting rate of 1,000 lbs./hour and a capacity of more than two tons.  It is designed for high-volume structural and conventional diecasting, permanent mold and sand casting.  Significant energy savings are achieved by melting directly at the machine, eliminating the energy-wasting combination of super-heating central melters, molten metal delivery ladles or launders, and holding furnaces. 

Utility cost savings for multiple furnaces are further enhanced with Rayteq’s Fleet Commander interactive kW-demand management system.  The furnace’s compact footprint (81 in. square) frees up valuable floor space formerly occupied by sprawling central melting systems.

Cleaner, electrically melted metal typically yields 20% better mechanical properties in high-performance castings by eliminating reactive water vapor from fuel-fired combustion as well as the harmful effects of molten metal transfers required in central melting systems.  It also offers greater alloy flexibility since each furnace in each casting cell can melt a different alloy.

Temperature control is attained with Rayteq’s unique digital/analog Furnace DirectorTM proportional power controls combined with the “flywheel” effect of the large two-ton bath. In addition, Rayteq’s accurate non-contact molten metal-level sensor evenly paces either manual or mechanized ingot addition to blunt temperature “spikes” for even greater temperature stability.

Like all Rayteq furnaces, the Model DC-950 is equipped with Rayteq’s proven, next-generation high-performance heating elements.  The first set of 28 of these improved design elements has been melting aluminum two shifts/day since 2010 with no failures.

Because of its compact size, two or more Model DC‑950 furnaces equipped with automatic or robotic pouring systems operating in sequence can handle even larger volume pouring requirements.

Rayteq’s first Model DC-950 melting furnace has been shipped to a prominent Midwestern permanent mold foundry where it will produce 220 lb. structural aluminum castings for use in demanding marine applications.