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Inspectors can incorporate more detailed information about castings thanks to Hawkeye V2’s expanded annotation capability.

Video Borescopes with Annotation, Brighter Illumination

July 30, 2015
Still images and video can incorporate inspection date and other notes, observations Boost for mission-critical inspection 1.5X to 2X brighter Fully portable, but rugged

Users of GRADIENT LENS CORP.’s Hawkeye® V2 video borescopes now have the ability to add notations to the still images and video footage they capture. Using the V2’s new annotation feature, inspection images can now document not only the date of an inspection, but other details and/or notes as well.

“This function will be key to those who are conducting mission-critical inspections, like aircraft maintenance, wind turbine and power-gen maintenance, and any transportation-related inspection,” according Dr. Douglas Kindred, president and chief scientist for Gradient Lens.

Also, video borescopes are now available with a new LED light source that in the 4-mm diameter V2 is 1.45X brighter than previous available light source. The 6-mm V2 now delivers light to the subject that is 2.1X brighter than before.

“One and a half to two times more light makes a huge difference to users,” said Kindred. “Furthermore, the intensity of the new V2 LED Light can be adjusted more much finely than the previous model, giving users more flexibility inside either small, or large, inspection areas.”

Gradient Lens designs and manufactures precision optics and optical instruments, including patented rigid, flexible, and video borescopes and accessories, as well as light Sources that work seamlessly with the borescopes.

Fully portable, but rugged, the Hawkeye V2 video borescopes use flexible, durable, tungsten sheaths. “Lower quality scopes on the market still cost about the same as our finely constructed, optically precise V2s,” according to Kindred. “Now, we have dramatically increased the light source, added an annotation feature, and kept the pricing the same. That represents an excellent value for professional users of borescopes.

Hawkeye V2 video borescopes are available in diameters of 4 and 6 mm, and offer 4-way articulation.