Spectro Analytical Instruments introduced the Spectro Xepos series of energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometers, claiming it advances multi-elemental analysis of major, minor, and trace element concentrations.

ED-XRF with Improved Elemental-Analysis Performance

Jan. 26, 2016
Spectro Xepos elemental analyzer “redefines” energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence Rapid screening analysis, precise product-quality control Redesigned operating software Optional machine-to-machine support

SPECTRO ANALYTICAL INSTRUMENTS introduced the Spectro Xepos series of “energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence” spectrometers, claiming the new models represent “a quantum leap” ED-XRF technology that provide breakthrough advances in the multi-elemental analysis of major, minor, and trace element concentrations. 

New developments in excitation and detection improve the technology’s sensitivity and detection limits — yielding gains in precision and accuracy.

According to the developer, the Spectro Xepos excels at critical tasks from rapid screening analysis to precise product-quality control. Industrial applications for “at-line processing” include environmental and waste monitoring functions, in addition to research applications.

Different versions maximize performance for selected elemental groups in specific matrices. An X-ray tube and new adaptive excitation technology furnish “the highest possible sensitivity, optimized to target elements of choice.”

Also, the series has redesigned operating software that is powerful and easy to use, while the new TurboQuant II software quickly and accurately analyzes practically any unknown liquid, powder, or solid sample. In addition, the new spectrometers exhibit a lower cost of ownership than wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescence (WD-XRF) spectrometers, delivering WD performance at an ED price for many applications.

Optional AMECARE M2M (machine-to-machine) support extends the new analyzers’ self-diagnostic functions with proactive alerts, backed up by direct connection with a remote SPECTRO service expert’s PC.

The new line of Spectro Xepos ED-XRF spectrometers is available immediately in four versions that users may select according to their priority for measurement speed, precision, or groups of targeted elements in specific matrices. 

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