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GE Measurement & Control’s new 320k-V Seifert x|cube system, with a cabinet design that improves flexibility for production environments, incoming inspection, failure analysis, or R&D.

Flexible, Large-Part Radiographic Inspection

March 5, 2016
Versatility for rapid live inspection at full resolution, or premium resolution with long-term data management and archiving Up to 30 images/sec at full resolution Patented C-arm manipulator with +/- 45° tilt Maintenance-free high voltage plugs

GE MEASUREMENT & CONTROL expanded its portfolio of radiographic inspection technology with the introduction of a 320-kV offering to the Seifert x|cube series. It claimed that aerospace, automotive, and other industrial customers would benefit from the expanded application range and the versatility of the new unit. That versatility allows for applications ranging from rapid live inspection for automotive components, with throughputs up to 30 images per second at full resolution, to aviation castings requiring premium resolution and long-term data management and archival solutions.

The new x|cube cabinet design allows greater flexibility for production environments, incoming inspection, failure analysis or research and development. The system’s imaging capability are improved through extended C-arm angles with full +/- 45° range, allowing customers to reduce the number of shots while providing a reliable, highly productive inspection solution.

Beyond the capabilities of the 160- and 225-kV systems of the x|cube family, the new 320-kV system allows ergonomic handling for three-times heavier inspection parts of up to 300 kg, completing GE’s casting inspection solutions portfolio. Further, the solid design and the new maintenance-free high-voltage plugs extend the system’s availability for increased productivity and lower maintenance requirements on the production floor.

The intuitive operator interface and X-Touch® inspection programming control, in addition to the Flash!FiltersTM image enhancement technology and the computed tomography (CT) option, present a user-friendly package for assisted inspection by highlighting indications in both 2D and 3D.

For DICONDE-compliant digital image analysis and inspection data management, the new x|cube 320 kV is available with GE’s Rhythm software suite providing a complete radiographic inspection solution starting from basic image handling up to long term secure digital inspection data Management.