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Single-Axis Scanning Laser Micrometer

June 28, 2016
Precision technology for measuring large products quickly and accurately, without contact 1,600 measurements per second 2-second repeatability Dual- or triple-axis inspection
The TLAser1240 micrometer measures diameter, height, or width up to 9.1 inches (231 mm.)

LASERLINC INC., a manufacturer of precision-measurement technology for diameter, ovality, wall thickness, concentricity, eccentricity and inside diameter, introduced the TLAser1240 scanning laser micrometer, a single-axis diameter gauge for the inspection of large products, quickly and accurately, without contact.

The TLAser1240 micrometer measures diameter, height, or width up to 9.1 inches (231 mm) and is designed for use in industries such as metal, glass, wire and cable, and plastics and rubber extrusion. For metals and glass, the transmitter and receiver components can be separated to avoid the need to move product or equipment, as well as heat sources.

Among its design features: the TLAser1240 measure any material (even if it’s transparent), at a rate of 1,600 measurements per second, with a two-second repeatability (±.00008 in. /±2µm.)

An operator using two units together can achieve dual-axis (XY) inspection; three units can perform three-axis diameter and ovality measurement.

By integrating the TLAser1240 with the Total Vu HMI using a standard Ethernet connection, operators can achieve complete product and process monitoring and control. Another possibility is to integrate the TLAaser1240 with line control PLCs using the using the SmartLinc processor and industrial communications such as EtherNet/IP.

According to Jeff Kohler, vice president of LaserLinc, “Prior to the TLAser1240, measuring large parts was a difficult task.  This micrometer solves this problem with both speed and precision.”