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Guysonrsquos model RXS400 rotaryindex twinspindle machine is designed to operate as the basis of gritblasting work cell and a platform for highprecision robotic grit blasting

Robotized Grit-Blasting Work Cell

June 28, 2016
Customized precision finishing with twin spindle machine, robotically operated blasting Abrasion-protection robot dressing Eight grit-blasting guns Media control, reclamation

GUYSON’s model RXS-400 rotary-index, twin-spindle machine is designed to operate as the base of grit-blasting work cell, and makes an ideal platform for building a high-precision robotic grit blaster. The expanded version uses a Fanuc M710 robot, which carries a bank of eight Guyson Model 900 guns, mounted in a custom-designed heavy-duty cabinet with powered sliding door. The robot dressing is custom designed for advanced abrasion protection and freedom of movement, reducing the possibility of robot faults due to the protective dressing on the arm.

The robot controls dual, precision Alpha S4 servos coupled to Apex precision 50-to-1 ratio gear boxes. A precision, two-stop “CAM technologies” indexer puts the part in the exact location for the robot to treat the surface.

A roof-mounted, precision rotary union supplies air to the Guyson-designed and -built vacuum holding fixtures.

The reclaim system is Guyson’s 300/28 cyclone with a urethane lining for super abrasion protection, coupled to a 36-in. four-deck classifier with a thin ball tray. Media fluidity is maintained by added a PLC-controlled heater pad and vibrator mounted to the 6-cu.ft. mixer box.

Spent media is replenished using Guyson’s PLC-controlled media adder, which adds controlled amounts of new media — a necessity for achieving and maintaining a precision finish. The metering of the metal bead media is controlled through the PLC and Magnavalves. The media is pre-staged in custom- designed miniature hoppers before being delivered to the control valves.

The Panleview HMI and all documentation may be provided in bilingual format, per customer request.