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Large-Capacity Molten Metal Circulation Pump

Sept. 11, 2016
Circulation/gas injection pump is smaller than devices with a similar-sized rotor, with more impressive flow rates Refractory-tipped rotor blades Easy to install and service Gas injection via angled tube

MOLTEN METAL EQUIPMENT INNOVATIONS introduced the Bigfoot circulation and gas injection pump, developed to address clients’ needs for increased flow during molten metal circulation, but with reduced size. Bigfoot achieves the same flow rates as larger pumps, but does it more effectively and efficiently.  

The MMEI Bigfoot has a 14-in. rotor, 4-in. diameter shaft, and a 28x31-in. footprint.

With a patented, 14-in. rotor, 4-in. diameter shaft, and a 28x31-in. footprint, Bigfoot is smaller than other available devices similar-sized rotor, but returns more impressive flow rates.

The rotor size was selected to compete against larger systems, and with its hardened-refractory tips cast into the leading edges of the rotor blades, it was designed to optimize flow while protecting the rotor from damaging debris, in turn allowing for passage of furnace debris and extending the service life.

Bigfoot was engineered to be easy to install and service.  Protected with a thicker, improved RHINO sleeve, this new material offers increased protection against abrasion and oxidation, improved thermal and mechanical shock strength, and increased service life. With a self-centering keyed shaft, the Bigfoot runs true.

Three, 5-in. diameter graphite posts provide a secure foundation for mounting the pump and cemented through-holes in the base allow for easy replacement.  An open motor mount allows for ease of shaft changes.

“After listening to our customers and evaluating today’s pump market, we designed Bigfoot to be compact, easy to use, and offer improved performance over other pumps available,” according to Paul Cooper, founder and president of MMEI. “Bigfoot is priced very competitively, offering a pump that has less maintenance and lower overall operating cost. ”

If gas injection is required, the improved angled gas tube design is more efficient than traditional vertical tubes. The patented angled tube design requires less pressure and eliminates the need for a long tip, which can easily break off during circulation. Plus, the motor mount can be rotated 90 degrees in all directions so that air inlet can be conveniently placed.
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