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Castable Refactories, Gunning Mixes for Aluminum Processing

Feb. 21, 2017
Designed to withstand the environments in all aluminum furnaces and transfer equipment Non-wetting refractories Aluminum-resistant castables Phosphate-bonded castables, gun mixes

PLIBRICO COMPANY LLC offers castable refractories and gun mixes for aluminum processing. From non-wetting to aluminum-resistant, to phosphate-bonded castable refractories, Plibrico refractories are designed to withstand the environments in all aluminum furnaces — diecasting furnaces, reverberatory furnaces, round tops — as well as transfer equipment including troughs, launders and ladles.

Plibrico was the first to introduce a complete line of non-wetting aluminum contact castable refractories. The Al-Tuff® non-wetting refractories series was designed specifically to provide an effective and economical solution for aluminum applications.

Plibrico also offers Al-Shield castable refractories and gun mixes designed and engineered specifically for high-temperature, aggressive aluminum alloys and contact areas.

Plibrico has phosphate-bonded castables, gun mixes and plastic materials suitable for metal contact and all other areas in an aluminum furnace. Plibrico’s Exo-Set UNO series of castables and gun mixes are single component, “just add water” phosphate-bonded mixes for quick, easy and safe installation.

Plibrico Company LLC researches, manufactures, and installs alumino-silicate and high-alumina monolithic refractories used in various demanding thermal applications. Learn more at