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A spring-loaded impact press is a reliable, low-maintenance option to replace standard pattern labeling devices; semi-automated systems are available for high-volume labeling requirements.

Pattern Labeling Package for Better Cast Impressions

Aug. 28, 2017
Marking press imparts tracking info in one stroke, rather than one character at a time

 LEADING MARKS LLC is offering a marking press and accessories package that creates legible cast-in identification for molds and patterns, with labor- and material-cost savings as a further benefit according to the developer. The system completes in one stroke a process that typically involves rotating wheels imparting one character at a time.

A steel type arrangement embosses characters into foil tape. The male type is mounted in a steel chase, nested on a manual feed assembly. Included in the feed assembly is a spool feed for the material, friction rollers, and a manual knob for advancing the material.  Automated systems include a more advanced material-feed arrangement.

Three standard chases accommodate a range of character sizes. Chase assemblies can be interchanged to accommodate a wider range of sizes and tape guide arrangements. Character sizes range from 1/8 in. up to 3/4 in. high. Standard alphanumeric characters, as well as symbols and logo are available, with quotations available upon request.

The accessory package is designed to accommodate three standard tape widths; 13/32 in., 5/8 in., and 7/8 in. The 5-mil aluminum tape comes with a rugged adhesive that is more pliable on curved surfaces than plastic tapes common to the pattern labeling process.

Leading Marks is a supplier for marking and traceability requirements, with products that include direct-part marking systems, manual and electronic ink marking devices, thermal transfer label printers, preprinted labels, nameplates and other bar coded devices. A mobile app completes the traceability requirements for industry with data-collection, work-flow engine triggers, and reporting accessory package. Learn more at