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ATI Axia80

Low-Cost Force/Torque Sensor for Robotic Operations

Nov. 13, 2017
For automated grinding, etc. — Axia80 provides high resolution with overload protection

ATI INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION has a new offering in its Force/Torque Sensor product line: the Axia80 measures all six components of force and torque. The monolithic instrumented transducer also features silicon strain gauges that reduce noise, enable high stiffness, and provide overload protection five to twenty times over the sensing range. The Axia80 is programmed with two different calibrations that the operator can switch between while the application is running. The default calibration allows for a large sensing range during high-speed moves, or while applying high force. The smaller calibration suits more delicate processes that require higher resolution and accuracy.

"There's been a movement in the industry to start automating man-made products," explained Robert Little, CEO. "In order to for them do that, they need robots. In order for those robots to be completely successful, they need force-sensing feedback."

All the electronics are built into the transducer body, and the sensor connects directly to the robot controller. This keeps the unit’s cost down and footprint smaller, without sacrificing accuracy, resolution, or robustness.

The Axia80 communicates through EtherCAT or Ethernet and is applicable for robotic grinding, polishing, or assembly processes.

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