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Formula Removes Binder from Molded Metal

Jan. 20, 2018
Non-hazardous degreaser dissolves, emulsifies wax from immersed parts

SOLVENT KLEENE’s D-Greeze 500-LO is a non-hazardous degreaser cleaner that dissolves and removes wax binders from injection-molded metal parts. Calling it “a safe alternative to chlorinated solvents,” the developer added that D-Greeze 500-LO offers low-cost, room-temperature immersion tank de-binding of injection molded metal parts in preparation for sintering.

Placing parts in an immersion tank containing the D-Greeze solution helps to remove binders by dissolving and emulsifying the wax, so it can be removed easily. This process makes it possible to reach difficult-to-remove wax binders, including those deep under surfaces and those contained in hard-to-reach geometries, as for example in blind holes, narrow orifices, and complex part geometries. Low surface-tension makes it possible to blow-dry parts quickly upon removal from the tank.

Safe for use with a wide range of powdered metals, D-Greeze 500-LO is non-corrosive, non-flammable, and non-HAP (i.e., no hazardous air pollutants.) It contains no halogens, chlorinated components, or terpenes. 

D-Greeze 500's aggressive cleaning action also dissolves and removes lubricating oils, grease, adhesive deposits, and other contaminants, and is compatible for use with all ferrous and nonferrous metals, including zinc, aluminum, titanium, magnesium, copper, brass, carbon steels, and stainless steel. It cleans quickly at room temperature, has no water content, and contains no CFCs.

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