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Plibrico shotcrete refractory installation

No-Wear, High-Corrosion Refractory

Feb. 23, 2018
Set-up requires only mixing with water, meaning less trim time, reduced labor cost, and less jobsite mess.

PLIBRICO Pli-Shot Si-Bond B shotcrete refractories for highly abrasive, alkaline-corrosive environments are formulated to mix easily, to be applied quickly, and to deliver high mechanical strength even at severe high temperatures.

To test the resilience of Pli-Shot Si-Bond B, Plibrico last year installed it in the lower riser of a cement processing plant that produces 1.2 million tons of cement per year. The installation took place in a high-heat (2,400° F), high-abrasion environment where coke, methane and other alternative fuels are burned. Although this environment is high in corrosive alkaline elements, one year after installation, the Pli-Shot Si-Bond B material showed no visible wear. Plant management is very satisfied with these outstanding results, as are many of other Pli-Shot Si-Bond B customers.

One of the principal advantages of Pli-Shot Si-Bond B is that set-up requires nothing more than mixing it with water. No other caustic, temperature-sensitive aqueous materials are needed, which translates into less trim time, reduced labor expense, and minimal jobsite mess.

Also, because it is a shotcrete, Pli-Shot Si-Bond B does not require forming or compaction so application flexibility is enhanced for the nozzleman. This benefit is important in new applications where large, unique shapes must be shielded from heat, or in a repair situation when only the immediate wear area is targeted.

"Pli-Shot Si-Bond B optimizes plant performance by providing longer life and reducing downtime," according to Plibrico’s Pam Gaul. "Due to the innovations in the mineral processing industry, traditional refractory materials that performed satisfactorily in the past are now realizing a shorter life. Our newest shotcrete Pli-Shot refractories, including Si-Bond, HyREZIST®, and HyMOR®, have all been developed to withstand increased alkali loads and abrasive conditions in industrial environments."
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