User friendliness was one factor influencing the design of Schnorkle 2.0. Its closed geometry reduces the danger of liquid metal handling.

Closed Transport System for Molten Aluminum

April 1, 2018
Keeps liquid metal under control during transit, avoiding accidental overflow or unsafe tilting, improving security for equipment and personnel

STRIKOWESTOFEN designed the Schnorkle 2.0 closed transport system to keep liquid metal under control as it travels to the dosing furnace, avoiding accidental overflow or unsafe tilting.

Molten aluminum at around 720° C is a risk workers’ health and safety. The safe transport of the melt poses a particular challenge. The optimized Schnorkle 2.0 transport system not only provides improved safety for employees and equipment, and its closed construction reduces temperature loss of the melt during transport, so it need not be overheated in advance —minimizing energy consumption.

A conventional forklift truck is all that’s needed to move Schnorkle 2.0 safely to the dosing furnace. The closed transport system does not need to be tilted at height, instead dispensing its contents via a riser pipe with the help of pneumatics. This means that a relatively low lifting height is sufficient during melt transfer, allowing Schnorkle to be used in shops with extremely low ceilings. In addition, its control system prevents liquid metal from splashing around uncontrollably. In the event of problems or irregularities, the transport system automatically sounds an alarm, displaying error messages to allow the operator to intervene and remedy the issue.

User friendliness was a factor in designing Schnorkle 2.0. To ensure a constant material flow while filling the dosing system, operators can select between two speeds at the push of a button. Schnorkle 2.0’s compact form makes it easier to maneuver in the foundry.

The impeller can be positioned at the center, allowing for salt or other popular melt treatments to be added.

For safe and easy heating, the burner is attached to the main cover, making a separate heating cover unnecessary.

Schnorkle 2.0 can be used with all commonly used melting and dosing furnaces.
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