INSURAL precast, insulating shapes are installed 'dry', on-site or off-site, requiring no sintering, minimizing downtime and achieving constant density.

Energy-Saving Lining Systems for Aluminum Melting

April 29, 2018
Non-wetting insulating system reduces downtime for dosing and low-pressure furnaces

FOSECO has developed a new, insulating lining system for use in dosing and low-pressure furnaces in aluminum foundries. Based on Foseco’s INSURAL range of non-wetting and insulating refractories, the system offers numerous benefits to the metalcasting operations.

Using energy-efficient furnaces in aluminum foundries is widely regarded as best-in-class. However, the efficiency of these furnaces is often undermined by the choice of refractory lining. Foseco offers a new, multipart and highly insulating lining made of INSURAL, which is delivered ready to install, and combines energy savings in combination with long service life and resistance to oxide build-up.

As the majority of the lining system is made of pre-cast INSURAL shapes, the installation can be completed by the operator (or a refractory contractor) in just three days. Unlike traditional linings, no sintering is necessary. The furnace needs only to be pre-heated and maintained at working temperature for 48 hours, and then is ready for service.

The INSURAL furnace lining system is completely dry. As a consequence, hydrogen pick-up from a new lining system is negligible and the melt density index goal can be achieved within a very short period following installation. Furnace downtime is dramatically reduced and the risk of increased scrap avoided. Due to the inherent non-wetting behavior of the lining system, corundum growth is minimal and cleaning of the furnace simplified.
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