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The FMM is designed to work with cope-and-drag or no-bake boxes, with minimal set-up requirements or tooling modifications.

High-Volume, Low-Capital Cost Molding

June 18, 2018
Flip Molding Machine is designed for high-production-rate, no-bake operations, with minimal set-up or tooling modification.

PALMER MANUFACTURING’s Flip Molding Machine (FMM) system, like its Universal Molding Machine, is designed to support a high-production-rate, no-bake molding operations, with low capital costs. It will produce no-bake molds with any tooling, with minimal set-up requirements and minimal tooling modifications.

In jobbing foundries, all products are variable. Tooling may be new or old, cope-and-drag, matchplate, green sand, no-bake, shell, metal, wood, plastic, or some combination of these. Quantities may range from one or two pieces up to hundreds or thousands.

The FMM uses cast-iron tooling plates designed to accept cope-and-drag and no-bake boxes. Production rates of 30 molds per hours are easily achieved with a four-station FMM, with one or two operators, depending on the particular needs for mold preparation.

The FMM achieves a high mold-production rate without a rollover. Because the pattern is inverted automatically and drawn onto a precision scissors lift, a rollover is not necessary and any amount of daylight is available, at no additional expense.

The four-station FMM is applicable for molds sized 12x12 4/4, to 60x60 36/36, with mold depths up to 36 in.
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