Dynamo Furnaces
The standard EM-A Series controls are easy to learn, simple to use, and reliable for melting and holding sequences.

Versatile Crucible Melting/Holding Furnaces

June 24, 2018
Fully automatic electric furnaces achieve temperature control accuracy of ±5°C.

DYNAMO FURNACE's EM-A Series round, crucible electric melting furnaces are fully automatic and achieve temperature control accuracy of ±5°C.

EM-A Series furnaces are offered in eight models, with capacities from 88 lb./hour to 66 lb./hour. All units are available in stationary and power-operated tilting versions, and all models feature built-in leak detection with an audible alarm. Most models feature a cover to increase efficiency and conserve energy. These versatile electric melting furnaces are suitable for high-pressure, gravity, or low-pressure diecasting; or permanent mold, sand casting, investment casting and lost-foam foundries.

The furnaces are lined with lightweight refractory bricks, as well as a secondary layer of refractory fiber. Each unit is supplied with numerous standard features, including thermocouple temperature measurement; a swing-open cover; thermocouple mounting arm; automatic over-temperature warning; and leak detection with alarm.

According to the developers, electric melting furnaces offer efficiency and uniformity for melting and holding.  They also feature virtually no metal gassing and very little metal loss. They are described as “easy to install and simple to run.”
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