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Updated Robot Reduces Maintenance Cost

July 7, 2018
Latest-generation IRB 6790 is targeted at high-pressure water-jet cleaning, with zero changeover time, 15% less energy consumption, better protection from water, dust

ABB ROBOTICS introduced the IRB 6790 Foundry Prime robot, the third generation of its robot series with enhanced protection from heat, cleaning pressure, chemicals, and dirt typically found in harsh and wet environments. The new model is aimed at high-pressure water-jet cleaning applications.

The robot is available in two variants, one for payloads up to 205 kg with 2.80-m reach, and one for payloads up to 235 kg payload with a 2.65-m reach.

According to the developer, the newest Foundry Prime robot increases reliability and system uptime, while reducing maintenance costs by 60%.

The IRB 6790’s high flexibility allows cleaning of different part geometries in one cell, with no change-over time, which supports mass customization for automotive manufacturers as well as OEMs and tier suppliers.

In addition to increased flexibility and productivity, this new version is capable of, on average, 5% faster cycle times. The design emphasizes reliability and system uptime, together with more optimized maintenance, for lower total cost of ownership (TCO.)

The new Foundry Prime robot has IP69-rated protection to prevent water and dust ingress, and will tolerate cleaning chemicals up to pH 10.

ABB Robotics indicated the IRB 6790 Foundry Prime robot is expected to be available for order in November 2018.
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