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HA Intl. Custom Coat EcoFlo resin-coated sand

New Version of Resin-Coated Sand

July 30, 2018
Developed to reduce ammonia and formaldehyde emissions, improve humidity resistance

HA INTERNATIONAL recently introduced a second-generation version of its environment-friendly resin-coated sand, Custom Coat EcoFlo. According to the developers, Custom Coat EcoFlo is designed both to reduce ammonia and formaldehyde emissions and to improve humidity resistance compared to other environmental grades. 

Additionally, CC EcoFlo also maintains strength in shell cores, emits minimal ammonia, and most importantly, reduces lumping propensity, even in hot and humid conditions.

As detailed by HA, the new formulation delivers a 70% reduction in ammonia and formaldehydes emissions, compared to conventional formulas. Also, it achieves substantially increased humidity resistance compared to other environmental grades of resin-coated sand.

Further, Custom Coat EcoFlo promotes reduced “lumping,” which results in better flowability in hot and humid climates, and also reduces the need for additional processing.

“Susceptibility to lumping is a major hurdle to using environmental sand grades in hot and humid climates,” according to HA International president, Michael Feehan. “New CC EcoFlo drastically reduces lumping, which also reduces labor, as the sand is free flowing no matter the ambient conditions.”
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