Viking Blast & Wash Systems
The Model 1400S steel-belt tumble blaster is a batch-style cleaning system with a 14-cu.ft. work envelope, can be serviced by the belt or vibratory conveyor.

High-Volume, High-Speed Tumble Blasting

Aug. 21, 2018
Steel belt blast system developed to reduce operating cost and increase serviceability

VIKING BLAST & WASH SYSTEMS’ Model 1400S steel belt tumble blaster is a batch-style cleaning system specifically designed for high-speed processing of parts that can be gently tumbled. The 1400S also highlights the developer’s commitment to producing quality, high-production blast equipment with a focus on reduced operating cost and increased serviceability.

Products are blasted in the 14-cu.ft. work envelope to the required production specifications in one cycle, achieving complete and through coverage on all types and configurations of parts that can tumble.

The blast wheel is positioned to expose the breadth of the drum at the recommended load volume. The parts are presented to the unit in batch loads through the vertical pneumatic front door, either manually or by means of a hydraulic loader.

The option to take parts away through a belt-style or vibratory conveyor aid in the ability to unload parts quickly and streamline the cleaning process.
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