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HA Intl Chemex feeding sys

Fluorine-Free Material for Feeder Systems

Nov. 5, 2018
Chemex produces shrinkage-free casting with increased casting productivity, including for complex designs.

HA INTERNATIONAL is introducing fluorine-free material for feeding systems developed by Chemex GmbH (part of the HA Group) that it said delivers a "shrinkage-free" product and increases casting productivity, even for complex designs. The material composition also results in reduced surface defects, and the new product line allows feeder placement in previously inaccessible locations, HA noted.

Chemex-fabricated cold-box binder systems, combined with the "tele-feeder technique", represents a major advancement in the area of feeder technology, it added.

“As foundries move their production into more complex and thin-walled castings, they will appreciate a feeding system that offers increased productivity with important environmental advantages," according to HA International president, Michael Feehan, "All of this makes for higher quality castings at less cost.”

As for the environmental advantages of the new material, the Chemex material means that oven-curing of cold-box (CB-bonded) parts is not required, conserving energy and raw materials. Further, the low fluorine content in the material results in less fluorine content in the molding sand, which decreases material scrap.
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