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Gas nitriding furnace with ZeroFlow technology

Low-Consumption, Low-Emission Gas Nitriding

Dec. 10, 2018
High-convection heating with proprietary atmosphere control technology, plus vacuum purging to reduce operating costs

SECO/VACUUM TECHNOLOGIES offers a range of gas-nitriding furnace styles that incorporate its proprietary ZeroFlow® control technology, which uses ammonia only as a process gas, thereby reducing gas consumption and gas emissions. SVT retort nitriding furnaces achieve optimal results by using uniform high-convection heating, precision nitriding potential and ammonia control, along with vacuum purging to reduce operating costs to process a variety of metals. In addition to gas nitriding,

SVT retort-based furnaces with vacuum purge are used for ferritic nitrocarburizing, post oxidation (black), stainless (activation) nitriding, nitrosulfurizing, tempering, and annealing.

Different furnace styles are offered for nitriding/nitrocarburizing, including horizontal front-loading retort furnaces, vertical pit-style retort furnaces, and electrically heated and natural-gas heated designs.

Recently, a U.S. manufacturer contracted SVT for a new gas-nitriding furnace with ZeroFlow® control, for treating steel automotive components.  

In addition to lower operating costs and faster return-on-investment, precise control of case depth and control of nitride-layer formation (including compound zone white layer) are further benefits of ZeroFlow® control technology.

“The vacuum purge affords inexpensive processing atmospheres, and the vacuum-tight construction assures clean heat processing for tempering, annealing and precipitation hardening,” according to Piotr Zawistowski, managing director of SECO/Vacuum Technologies. The retort furnace can be paired with a SECO/Vacuum oil-quench hardening and low-pressure carburizing furnace for flexibility.”
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