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Dynatrol sand-level detector

Level Detectors for Molding Sands

Jan. 28, 2019
Durable design with no moving parts, gaskets, or seals, plus a vibrating probe, prevents build-up and ensures reliable measurement.

AUTOMATION PRODUCTS INC. Dynatrol® level detectors can operate as high-level, mid-level,  and low-level indicators for foundry molding sands, green sand, reclaimed sand, or other bulk-solid material, ranging from low-density flakes and powders to pellets and heavy granular materials.

These durable level detectors contain no moving parts, gaskets, or seals. The rugged design and vibrating probe prevents build-up and ensures the most reliable level measurement.  Mechanical oscillations determine if the probe is covered or uncovered.  Signals from the detector operate a single pole double throw relay within the control unit. The relay contacts can be used to actuate alarms, indicator lights, or process control equipment.

All devices are factory-calibrated and do not require any field calibration before installation.  Dynatrol level detectors work well in dusty spaces, and specialized devices can be installed for use in settings with temperatures in excess of 500°F. 

Dynatrol point level detectors are crafted in the U.S. and proven reliable for long service life.
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