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New-Generation Ceramic-Foam Filters for Safety, Efficiency

Feb. 4, 2019
High structural integrity prevents contamination of the melt during pouring, and time- consuming reworking.

ASK CHEMICALS’ new line of metal filters offer investment casters (as well as iron and steel foundries) new and more efficient filtration options for the highest casting quality. Thanks to their particularly sophisticated and well thought-through design, EXACTPORE 3D filters provide the highest structural integrity and thus safety and efficiency in use.
Metal purity is one of the most important requirements for foundries: Best practice in the field of molten metal filtration includes sintered ceramic foam filters, but the structure of the filter foams in particular means that this form of filtration also has its limits. During the ceramic coating and sintering process, tiny particles may form inside the filter structure, which are only slightly sintered with the base material. Flow through the filter can cause these particles to detach, which impairs the purity of the melt and can lead to inclusions in the casting.

The high structural integrity of EXACTPORE 3D filters ensures the absence of loose particles and thus prevents the contamination of the melt by so-called filter bits and time-consuming reworking.

A further advantage of the new filter generation is its higher flow capacity. Due to the uniformity of the pore design and the structurally consistent geometry, the flow capacity of the EXACTPORE 3D filters is significantly higher than sintered ceramic foam filters with the same filter and pore size, and thus offers foundries an opportunity to further increase manufacturing productivity.

The uniformity of the pore design and the structural integrity of the new filters also significantly reduces turbulence compared to conventional solutions and greatly protects against reoxidation caused by entrained air. In fact, hardly any impurities get into the mold, which leads to less reworking, improved surface quality and lower rejection rates and ultimately increases profitability.

"Finally, our new filters are manufactured in such a way that the design possibilities are virtually limitless," according to Bob Gage, market manager-Filters, as a further advantage of the new EXACTPORE 3D filter generation. "With our new filters there are almost no limitations as to what we can offer our customers in terms of pore design: We can produce almost any pore size – even unconventional ones – in order to guarantee the best possible filter quality with constant flow properties."

ASK Chemicals will present the new line of filters at GIFA, June 25-29, 2019, in Düsseldorf.
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