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Water-Based Hydraulic Fluids for Diecasting

Feb. 11, 2019
Biodegradable, water-based, non-glycol formulas suppress fire ignition with no flash or fire point

NON-HAZ HYDRAULIC FLUIDS LLC launched two new products – Non-Haz 32 and Non-Haz FRHF 46 – that feature biodegradable, water-based, non-glycol formulas for a completely non-hazardous solution for hydraulic systems.

The standard Non-Haz FRHF 46 hydraulic fluid is Factory Mutual-approved, with fire-resistant and non-hazardous advantages. Alone among currently available hydraulic fluids, it contains enough water to prevent fire ignition with no flash or fire point.

“We are proud to announce that Non-Haz FRHF 46 is the first of its kind: both non-hazardous and fire-resistant. It’s made without any toxic chemicals, which cuts costs on hazardous waste removal and prevents expensive fines from environmental leaks or spills,” stated Mike Broughman, Non-Haz Hydraulic Fluids president. “If you want to be a more advanced, environmentally friendly company, or your company is focused on ISO 9001:2015 risk management, then Non-Haz FRHF 46 is the state-of-the-art product you can trust to bring you into the next level in your industry.”

Globally accepted Non-Haz 32 and Non-Haz FRHF 46 fluids are well-suited for diecasting and other manufacturing applications: both can be used for any industry that requires optimal, non-hazardous performance from its hydraulic energy systems.

In contrast to other water-based fluids or straight oils, its advanced anti-wear components and heat transfer properties lower maintenance costs by extending pump life and increasing lubricity with wear. In addition to those features, Non-Haz FRHF 46 also protects high-pressure, high-temperature machines from fire and corrosion.

Both are EPA-approved, and FRHF 46 also is Factory Mutual-approved, and meets U.S. Steel requirement No. 171. Both pass the ASTM D2882 Eaton-Vickers V104C pump test and the ASTM D 4172 4-Ball Wear Test. They are compatible with other water-based fluids, and will reduce operating temperatures by an average of 10%.

“The non-hazardous components and innovative fire-resistant technology is built for the more competitive, innovative industries of the future,” says Broughman. “This is a truly excellent, revolutionary product for any company looking to improve and perfect their hydraulic system performance overall.”
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