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PULSE-BAC Pro Series

Vacuums for Silica Dust Control

Feb. 18, 2019
Redesigned series offered as more reliable and productive

PULSE-BAC® vacuum systems released the new PRO-Series line of vacuums for silica-dust control, jobsite clean-up, and more. The design changes in the new series make for a more reliable and productive vacuum: Not only are these machines more reliable but they are priced lower than he preceding sires, the Pulse-Bac 1000 Series.

“Pulse-Bac already delivers the best productivity, but we want to be better,” according to Chris McCutchen, president.

The Pro Series design incorporates a new hood giving Pulse-Bac a sleek new look, moves the fuse to the outside nameplate for quick and easy replacement, incorporates a new valve design to control the pulsing technology that contains no pins or fasteners, just one continuous piece.

Also included are a new control board to control filter pulsing, tank sensors, remotes and electrical. “We’ve built in a lot of what we’ve learned over the last 15 year, both in terms of product reliability and production efficiency. So we’ve made it better while making more competitive in terms of price,” according to Benjamin C. Kruse, vice president of Operations.

The all-new Pulse-Bac Pro Series heads will fit the existing 1000 series 20-gallon tanks, extenders, and baggers. In other words, if you already own a Pulse-Bac, you can upgrade your vacuum head to the new Pro Series and fit it to your existing tank option.”

“At Pulse-Bac, we innovate and are continually looking to improve our equipment to maximize productivity for our customers,” McCutchen added. “A new color of paint is nice, but it is not an advancement in technology. At Pulse-Bac, we stay ahead of the game: if you purchased one of the first vacuums made back in 2001, you would still be compliant with OSHA 2016 Silica rules. If you’re compressing or blowing air, shaking a lever, or pushing a button to clean vacuum filters, you’re stuck in 1970s technologies, …”.
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