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Improving the Day-to Day ERP Experience

April 16, 2019
Odyssey 6.1 Maintenance Release 3 is “a stability and performance update,” addressing users’ ability to engage and apply the enterprise software

B&L INFORMATION SYSTEMS issued Odyssey 6.1 Maintenance Release 3 for general availability, with more functional updates developed to improve the daily operating experience of metalcasters. It’s the third of four scheduled maintenance releases for Odyssey 6.1, an enterprise-resource planning product developed specifically for foundries, diecasters, and investment casters.

The Odyssey ERP platform includes modules that meet specific functions for metalcasting operations — manufacturing, sales, inventory, quality control, finance, and data analytics —so that information can be shared and received by everyone in the organization.

The new release is described as “a stability and performance update,” with enhancements aimed at improving the daily experience of Odyssey users. For example, when running Odyssey on an iPad, the user will be ability to sort on column headers. Also, the length of passwords within System Configuration has been increased to support systems that auto-generate very long passwords.

Another new feature addresses navigability: Hovering the mouse over a grid cell will display a tooltip of the entire text for data grids that have multiple lines of information that do not show the entire text.

Also new in Odyssey 6.1MR3, within the Heat Planner module, multiple shop orders can be highlighted at one time for removal from the plan.

All Odyssey 6.1 release information is available through Rapid Support within the Odyssey Web UI, or via the B&L customer portal (Customer Login) for customers on Windows UI. Customers operating Odyssey on the B&L Cloud will be contacted with the update schedule.

“The focus of the programming content of each MR is continual stability and performance improvements, but this new, standardized release cycle also allows us to deliver user enhancements in a timely manner,” explained B&L Info Systems R&D manager Brad Clark.

“Odyssey 6.2 is going to be a major release featuring business application enhancements centered around scheduling, plus new and exciting User Interface features. That will be coming out in late summer or early fall of 2019.”
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