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Master3DGage hardware/softare inspection package

Portable, Rapid 3D Inspection and Reverse Engineering

April 23, 2019
Complete hardware/software package delivers automated ‘in-process’ inspection on the shop floor

VERISURF SOFTWARE INC.’s third-generation Master3DGage is an affordable and portable, rapid 3D inspection and reverse engineering package for increased efficiency, improve part quality, and reduced scrap. The complete hardware/software solution delivers automated ‘in-process’ inspection right to the shop floor, providing first article inspection and reporting in minutes.

“The New Master3DGage solution continues to close the loop in digital manufacturing workflow,” said Austin Husted, hardware product manager. “Manufacturers can not only extend a 3D model-based workflow from CAD to CAM, to computer-aided inspection, but they also can reverse-engineer parts into the 3D model-based process thus improving quality, saving time and eliminating drawings.”

The Master3DGage development team selected Verisurf 3D model-based inspection and reverse engineering software application suites to bundle with the latest, portable CMM technology.

The portable CMM features advanced manufacturing materials and technology, including lightweight, low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) carbon-fiber arm components, and hot swappable probes with automatic probe recognition.

An optional, non-contact laser scanner is interchangeable with tactile probes, further expanding application flexibility.

The Master3DGage with Verisurf Application Suites offer accurate and powerful tool sets that are easy to learn and operate, using quick three-step workflow processes:
- Rapid three-step inspection involves 1) alignment, 2) inspection, and 3) reporting;
- Rapid three-step reverse engineering involves 1) measuring, 2) mesh editing, and 3) model construction.

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