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Continuous Shot-Blasting for Delicate Castings

May 7, 2019
Compact system developed for high volumes of small workpieces, with the small footprint of batch machines and continuous feed operation to help streamline and speed up blast cleaning

WALTHER TROWAL is introducing a compact, troughed belt continuous shot blast system THM 300/1 to the public. It combines the small footprint of batch machines with the advantages of continuous feed operation. For the first time a shot blast machine for processing small workpieces is available with the footprint of a batch tumble belt machine, and with continuous feed capability.

Developed specifically for small, delicate, or thin-walled castings (like aluminum or zinc diecastings with diagonal dimensions between 20 and 150 mm (about 0.8 to 6.0 in.) Workpieces may range from components for toys, furniture parts, computer components, and small automotive parts.

The THM 300/1 requires an area of only 1.4×2.7 m (5 x 9 feet) and can be integrated into existing production lines. It meets the needs of foundries or other customers who want to integrate blast cleaning operations into already existing manufacturing lines.

The troughed belt workpiece transport system gently moves the workpieces through the machine in a spiral motion. This ensures that all workpiece surface areas are equally exposed to the blast media stream.

Walther Trowal adopts the newly developed WTY turbines with curved throwing blades. Compared to conventional blast turbines they generate a substantially higher throwing speed. This increases the impact energy of the blast media on the workpieces, which in turn helps reduce the processing times.

A communication processor allows integrating the shot blasting operation into higher-level process controls.

Explosion-protected dust collectors ensure safe operation in line with prevailing explosion prevention standards.
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