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Lower Respirable Crystalline Silica Refractories

May 27, 2019
Silica-based, dry vibratable refractory for working linings of coreless induction furnaces

Refractory manufacturer ALLIED MINERAL PRODUCTS has developed a product line it claims will "significantly" reduce respirable crystalline silica during installation. 

The TEK-SIL series of a silica-based, dry vibratable refractory to be used as a working lining for coreless induction furnaces is expected to help foundries to comply with the new (June 2018) OSHA standards for respirable silica.

With less than 1% of respirable crystalline silica, TEK-SIL contains 100 times less respirable silica than a traditional silica-based, dry vibratable refractory. The reduction in respirable crystalline-silica during installation decreases workers exposure to harmful respirable crystalline-silica.

The developer noted that although the TEK-SIL products have reduced respirable crystalline silica compared with normal silica refractory products, proper dust evacuation and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) must be in use when installing the refractory materials.
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